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The Imaging Excellence 2.0
Video Brochure.
Now You’re Talking.


Printing Peace of Mind.

Whether it’s producing top-notch Commercial Printing, guaranteed-delivery Financial Printing, Large-format Imaging, Direct Mail and Fulfillment, or creating innovative print products like Video Brochures, Lenticular Printing, and Scented Printing, we’ll do everything we can to make you stand apart from the crowd.

From our roots in the 1930s to the innovations of today, you can count on us for Printing Peace of Mind.

The things people say:

“Imaging Excellence has been a preferred printing supplier for years. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond necessary requirements. They give me peace-of-mind; I know when a project is given to them, I need not worry. You can’t say that about too many printing suppliers.”
Pharmaceutical agency


Video Brochures

The Imaging Excellence 2.0 Video Brochure – Now you’re talking!

Quite simply, the most effective, innovative print communication piece ever – a printed brochure with a built-in video.

Instead of hoping that a prospect will visit your website, respond to a sales rep, or call your customer service line, our Video Brochures place your promotional video directly in your clients’ hands in such a compelling way that they will view your message and brand repeatedly, spectacularly increasing its effectiveness far beyond traditional media.

Call us to see a sample.

To learn more, visit our dedicated portal for Video Brochures,

The things people say:

“I showed people on my team, and obviously my VP; everyone was “WOW’d” by it! Literally.”
Canadian Bank

“Lots of wow reactions from the people we give them to.”
Engineering Firm


Lenticular Printing

  • Flip-image, motion, 3D effects
  • Litho lenticular for Direct Mail, POP materials, marketing and promotional applications
  • Large-format lenticular imaging for short-run POP materials,
    in-store signage, transit advertising, mall posters, trade show and event signage

To learn more, visit our dedicated portal for Lenticular Printing,

Commercial Signage

Outdoor Advertising

Direct Mail

Retail Poster

The things people say:

“The lenticular-based direct mail piece generated a 13% response rate. Everyone is very pleased.”
– Direct Mail Ad Agency

“The client was extremely pleased, actually. They won an award at Neocon for Best Showroom.”
– Design Firm


Scented Printing

It’s no secret that the more time that people spend reading your advertising message, the more likely they are to respond to it. And if you can get them to actually interact with it, you’ve gained immeasurable connection and sales potential with your target audience. Our PrintScents does all of this. By engaging your consumer and causing them to linger over your printed piece (and involve other people as well), PrintScents provides a critical additional impetus for people to respond to your marketing message.

Make your next print promotion more effective. It’s simple – just give us your choice of scent and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether it’s using the scent of fresh flowers, food, beverages, spices or the beach, we can make your next print promotion more memorable and more effective. If you would like a scent to match an existing product, simply provide us with a sample and we’ll literally have a team of scientists make it for you!

Contact us today to request our brochure – success is so close you can smell it!


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